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2020 X Games - 

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2020 Winter XGames snowbike - Cody Matechuk
2020 Winter XGames snowbike - Cody Matechuk & Patrice Goyette
2020 Winter XGames snowbike - Cody Matechuk
2020 Winter XGames snowbike - Cody Matechuk & Brett Turcotte

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From 5000 ft over the riverbeds in Switzerland, to scrambling across the textured landscape of Utah in search of the perfect ledge. When Matechuk isn't pounding through the pillowy  mountains tops, his quest for excitement and performance continues to push him to new heights in the infamous sport of base jumping.

"my other world"...


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2019 X Games - 

All images are copyright protected - Jacquie Matechuk Photography


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