West Coast Wrap-Up

Last weekend brought everyone together for the fourth straight weekend of the CMRC Rockstar Energy Nationals and the final weekend to be hosted out west. The race took place at Regina’s Moto Valley Raceway; a technical track through a coulee blanketed in dark sticky soil.

It was a super fun layout and we were especially excited to be so much closer to healthy again. With the clouds rolling through and taunting us with rain, we had to ensure we were ready for the mud in case those clouds decided to open up.

In the first practice and qualifying, the track was developing many lines setting the stage for some epic racing battles. We were feeling loose & comfortable after spending the last week back in the saddle riding the sand and finally ready to charge again. We came out of a relaxed qualifying moto in a familiar 15th spot, not where we were targeting but ready to push harder for the next two motos. The clouds held back their rain and with the track forming so many lines, it was finally time to race. Picking 15th sometimes has its perks as we were able to see exactly where everyone was going. It was an unusual gate selection as the top 10 spread out across the entire 40 gates looking for different advantages to play into their favor. But when it was time for us to pick, I had my eye on one that looked like it had potential. Lining up beside pole sitter and with one of the best gates available, the Rockstar girls ran out with the 30 second board and the warm up roar of the 450’s flooded the valley. With the holeshot device locked, it was a quick gate drop once the 5 second board flipped sideways. Dirt was flying and we ripped into turn one, bikes screaming and bars bashing around the 180 degree right. Our LRX tuned Cycleworks Foothills YZ450 rocketed out with the top group, out of turn one and into 4th we were flying! The next couple turns we rubbed with the best and held the 1st lap pace in a comfortable 6th position.

As we came around the finish line to see the green flag, our group spread out through the next turn. Our Yamaha was shuffled to the left of the next triple jump on a line that was unfamiliar. We popped high into the air of the jump’s lip and it was apparent we didn’t have the distance to land this one smoothly. Coming up a bit short, I prepared for a hard landing. I felt a POP as my good ankle buckled unable to absorb the full force. Everything changed in an instant as I knew something let go. Now riding in extreme pain the goal was simply survival. I hoped to stay in the top 10 thanks to the great start we pulled but started slipping backwards with every jump and g-out, the pain was overwhelming and after 7 laps of trying to convince my body it wasn’t happening, we had no choice but to be smart and pull off the track for the day.

MEDICAL UPDATE: X-rays and CT scans came back yesterday to show that Cody had fractured his Talus bone (center of the ankle) and he will be off the bike for the foreseeable future.

"Although this was not the finish I pictured for a moto that started the way this one had, sometimes the sport of motorcross bites us and throws us a curve ball. But its all about the journey and its been a good one! As I begin my road to recovery this will most likely be my last press release for a few weeks, but don’t forget about us… cause we ain’t done yet!"

"I just want to take a moment to give a huge shout out to everyone that believed in me this year and became part of our program, there is no way we could have done it without you! As well as my Dad/Suspension man, so good to be racing with the old man again and to be able to develop the best bike I have ever ridden. Check out our website (codymatechuk.com) and check out the sponsor tab, these are the best of the best that joined our program this year and I wouldn’t change anything!"

Thanks so much,

Cody Matechk #73 … Signing out (for now).

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