Matechuk: Fighting Back Following Calgary

As the sun rose over the Wild Rose MX Park in Calgary, AB for round 3 of the Canadian Rockstar Motocross Nationals, the paddocks were packed with riders from all over north America to go head to head in another weekend of racing. Practice gave assurance that the track would shape up to be rough and unforgiving with the deep ruts and square edge bumps mixed with Calgary’s infamous hard pack surface. As we hit the track in morning practice to learn the layout and warm up, there were early signs that it was going to be a day that nothing would come easy. Lap after lap and with both some suspension and tire changes, we dialed in a race set up and waited patiently for moto one.

When qualifying ended, we were seated in 15th spot and it was time for us to pick a gate. We were able to sneak in with the main guys for a wicked gate pick to put us in contention for that top 10 start. As the 30 board was up and the roar of the 450's rumbled right through you, the smell of burning rubber and race fuel filled the air as riders warmed their tires on the concrete start line. Board goes sideways and the gate drops. Rolling on the power and trying to get the grip on the slippery concrete, we launched the Cycleworks Foothills YZ450F off the

line and into turn one, coming out around 8th place. Pushed wide in turn two we still earned a respectable 10th place start for lap 1. Back and forth and figuring out lines in the all-out sprint for the first couple laps as we settled into a groove, about five laps in we ran into issues as another rider tangled with us putting us on the ground and loosing positions. Back on the bike and rolling again all the hard work was lost as we were back in 17th and lost a lot of ground. The 30 minute moto took a toll on everyone, but we were able to stay consistent with lap times through to the end and slowly chopped away at the gap and with a few laps to go moving into 15th spot where our first moto would come to an end.

Moto 2 horn goes and 20 minutes till gate drop. With the collaboration between RMR Suspensions Rod Matechuk and LRX Performance’s Paul Lavoie, we put the final touches on the teams performance piece of art we call CWF YZ450 F. Down in staging picking gate in a familiar 15th position awaiting another gate drop, we were feeling ready to go out and charge. With the site lap revealing a couple new lines we were brought back to the gate as all 40 riders line up to charge into turn one. We were in nearly the exact same gate as moto one and ready to charge again. Into turn one and nearly getting involved with a turn 1 pile up that sent at least one rider to hospital, we came out shining in about 12th position. A couple struggles early in the race brought us back into a familiar 15th place and running consistent times throughout the race. A very lonely race for us as we had a gap behind and a gap in front that we just didn’t have the time to make up on 14th and 13th place riders. We kept charging lap after lap to be there to capitalize on anything but just couldn’t make back the time lost early in the moto, checkered flag waved on another race weekend and though we didn’t have the speed we hoped, we were relieved to come out of the weekend without further injury and finally able to get back training! We’re excited to push forward with Round 4 next weekend in Regina, SK.

15 and a 15th left us with a 15th overall and some more valued points. We’re slowly moving up in standing and creeping towards our goals. With everything that has happened this last few weeks I am proud to say I am happy to finally get to the end of both moto’s at a national & will be putting the charge on for next weekend! Stay tuned!!

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