Heartbreak Hits Home

As the Nationals quickly approach and the opening round is scheduled for this weekend, Matechuk and team were hard at work with training and continual product research & development, working to squeeze every ounce of speed and control out of their Yamaha YZ450 rocket. Coming into this weekend there was a lot of focus placed on the bike's set-up and suspension as track conditions will most certainly be punishing at this level. Matechuk seemed to feel his RMR suspension was moving in the right direction Thursday as he kept loose putting in some seat time. In a seemingly small crash near the end of the day, Matechuk landed awkwardly as he hit the ground and the young MX pilot suffered a 2nd degree shoulder separation.

The heartbreaking news takes our young hopeful out of the first two rounds of the Canadian National MX Series, but he remains determined and optimistic about making his debut in Calgary on June 18th & 19th! Matechuk will spend the weekend at the Kamloops track making rounds, signing posters and representing his Sponsors to the best of his ability. He extends a special thanks to his team, Sponsors and fans for their continued support!

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