Matechuk Lands top of Popkum Podium

Rounding out the mid way point in May, the team spent this last weekend at the Popkum Motor Park for the Round three of the MCQMX South series. Opening with a hot and sunny Saturday practice, everyone was anxiously waiting on Sunday morning to come. The mood was high and it just felt like one of THOSE weekends… the ones where just maybe everything was gonna go right and our luck would change.

As the sun rose and warmed the cool BC morning air, riders of all ages prepared for practice; a time to get loose and ready to do battle. With Moto 1 of the open Pro-Am just around the corner, we were ready to go have some fun and fight our hardest for a win. When it came go time, we launched our Yamaha 450F out of turn 1 and into second place. With our eyes locked on taking over the lead, it was now go time. We pushed up the inside and slingshot the outside lines, trying to edge out the leader and take control. After a long and relentless pursuit running wheel to wheel through the moto right up to a waving checkered flag, we fell just short and crossed the finish line in second place.

With the open Pro-Am being a 3-moto format and the 2nd moto coming up right after lunch we had our Cycleworks Yamaha bathed and freshened up to hit it hard in moto 2. We went out to a freshly watered track and a large field of guys ready to race. Lined up bar to bar as the 30 second board rose, so did tensions as the gate drop crept closer. When the bar finally set us free, we ripped into turn 1, banging bars and hard on the gas. We came out in 4th position quickly taking over 3rd place. As the field pushed towards the back section of the Popkum MX track, we slid our RMR Suspensions YZ450 into second place. It was evident that we had our work cut out for us to come away with a win. Again outside, inside, all around the track we worked frantically to create a passing opportunity. Finally, we claimed checkmate in this strategic game and stuck the pass for the lead. It was time to put our heads down and make a gap, and that is exactly what we did all the way to the checkered flag for a 1st place finish in Moto 2!

It was another short race break then back on the line for the 3rd Moto and with our focus on taking the overall win, we were really looking for a holeshot. When the gates dropped this time – everything was perfect. Smoothing out the clutch work from the previous starts and holding on the throttle just a little longer, we piled into turn one and kept it on two wheels coming out with the lead. With a clear track ahead and being able to put in some unchallenged fast laps, we created a gap and held our pace and stretched out a decent lead (a much needed simpler approach). Laying down a quick pace lap after lap, we found our groove and held that lead from start to finish. The blistering moto clinched our Yamaha Cycleworks RMR team a 1st place overall finish.

Yamaha Cycleworks RMR YZ450F

It was an awesome weekend with the Pro-Am win and also earning 1st place finishes in both moto`s of the under 30 class. Perhaps just as exciting as the victories this weekend though, is how the team continues to develop and dial in our race set-up. With every moto on this bike, it just gets better and we’re increasingly excited as we push closer to our Rockstar Canadian Nationals debut! See you all next weekend.

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