Weekend Sweep Turns Heads

Just checking in with some early season updates on how everything has been going. We are off to a great start so far this season only three weekends in and laying down some great results! We fired up the season out in Kamloops BC for the first round of the Future west BC series and had a blast. With a couple wins in the under thirty class and a 2nd overall in Open pro-am, we came out of the weekend with heads held high, but certainly focused on some specific things to work on. Keeping in the mix, the following weekend we loaded up our second Cycleworks Foothills Yamaha 450 trading in the dirt for a mountain of snow as we hit the hill climb championships in Vernon BC. Had a load of fun in our first ever Snowbike competition and learned a lot about where we needed to be to take the win. After what felt like a long weekend as organizers sifted through 400+ class entries, we were able to walk away with a third place finish in stock Snowbike.

Taking in a view on YZ450 Snowbike

With our attention turned back towards MX, we were anxious to put our ramped up training schedule to test. I felt awesome coming into this race weekend. Saturday was a practice day and it gave us some much needed time to dial in our RMR suspension. With a few major changes and massive handling improvements, we were able to come into Sunday with a new level of confidence. Sitting on the line, I found my self a lot more calm than previous race weekends. Slow breath in, and out, the 30-second board went up. Bikes are revving and everyone’s getting amped, except us… Its time to relax and breath, The board flips sideways, revs roar across the start gate and at last, the gate drops. With our Devol racing holeshot device working wonders, I was able to sling shot the Cycleworks Foothills YZ450F into turn one with the holeshot... in every moto. From here it was head-down time, put in some hot laps and settle into a groove. With some amazing track conditions, some great weather and an amazing bike culminating from all my Sponsors and team helping out, I am happy to say we finished the race weekend with a full sweep taking a WIN in every moto.

Extremely happy with our race weekend results, I cant wait for more. For now though, it’s back to the grind to work harder and get faster as we push closer to the nationals! Next weekend you can find the #73 Cycleworks Racing Yamaha ripping up the dirt at Raymond, AB track, Temple hill raceway for Round 1 of the AMSA series. Its going to be a tough weekend with a lot of talented riders making appearances but rest assured, we will definitely be bringing our A game.

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