Does not come with a thermostat system.  This is just the bars, lines, and everything needed to pair with one of our engine performance kits.  (Wingman, Ninja, King Kong)


Does Not work with other thermostat kits.

Engine Coolant Heated Handlebars Yamaha 450 BASE KIT

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    Liquid Heated Snowbike Handlebars Patented — Keep your hands warm while maintaining consistent engine temp. Includes billet inline thermostat, ProTaper Henry / Reed bars, PTFE black lines, AN fittings, temp control valve, easy install, compatible with all hand guards (no dead batteries, no stressing insufficient charging systems, and no delicate pain-in-the-ass hand warmer coils)

    Stock dirtbikes do not use thermostats.  When ran in a snow bike application this causes huge swings in Engine Coolant Temperature.  The inline thermostat with this kit will maintain a steady 180 degrees engine temperature solving a lot of the huge AFR and engine efficiency problems snow bikes have.

    Engine coolant is routed through the bars which takes no electricity and sets a perfect temperature. The high-pressure side to the bars is routed on the back side of the thermostat so you have warm hands in less than 30 seconds upon starting of the engine.  Also when you shut the warm bike off it creates a thermal syphon.  Due to the bars being the highest point on the cooling system the bars stay warm for up to 15 minutes after you shut it off. 

    Throttle tube side runs the same temperature as the clutch side. 

    Designed to work with thread in insert hand guards.

    Any other snowbike that is not listed on our website.  We build our coolant lines in house.  Until we have a large enough data base for all bikes out there we need you to call in with the length of line needed to go from your handlebars down to your coolant lines on the motor.  We can then build the lines custom to your order and get them out to you as a complete kit. 

    We have been running these bars on our snowmobiles for a long time.  These bars can easily be mounted onto a snowmobile with a 7/8" to 1 1/8" bar adapter which we have in stock.  We are more than happy to build you a custom kit for you snowmobile application with everything needed for the same cost to you as advertised, we will just need the following information:

    -Low-Pressure Coolant Line Diameter

    -High-Pressure Coolant Line Diameter

    -Length of Low-Pressure handlebar coolant line 

    -Length of High-Pressure handlebar coolant line

    Does not come with hand gaurds.  

    Specify in the checkout description if you run bar risers.  If you do specify what height bar riser you run so we can supply longer lines with the kit.

  • Shipping is extra. Please contact us for an estimate.