C O D Y  M A T E C H U K

Private Lessons - $100 for 2 Hours


Our Cody Matechuk Riding School offers private lessons designed to meet any age and calibre of rider, at their skill level to build their confidence and skills enabling them to become a better, more controlled rider. Whether you're looking to start your child out in the world of dirtbiking for the first time or you're a seasoned Pro looking for the edge it takes to move you up the ranks, Cody can help you acheive your goals.

These private lessons are an excellent way to get the absolute most out of your time and money. With a huge array of drills and lessons avaiable, you can be sure that what ever your goals are, our private lessons are the most effective way to get there. These lessons are designed to focus on ONE RIDER at a time.


Sessions are a minimum of two hours and are conducted in Cochrane at Cody Matechuk's private track. Optionally, private lessons can also be conducted in Calgary at the Wild Rose MX Park for an additional $25 + gate entry. 


  • Private Lessons are for only 1 rider at a time

  • Sessions run a min. of 2 hours at a time 

  • Lessons will take place in Cochrane unless otherwise agreed. 


Things To Bring - Checklist:


  •  Your Bike & Basic Tools

  •  ALL Gear:

    • Helmet,

    • Jersey & Pants (2 sets if possible), 

    • MX boots,

    • Chest Protector or Roost Guard,

    • MX Gloves

    • Goggles (tear-offs optional)

  •  Gas in gas can with your name on it

  •  Towel & Lawn Chair

  •  Clothing for Down Time

  •  Alberta Health Care Card & Emergenc Contact Info

  •  Cell Phone and Charger

Private Lessons May Include:


  • Setting up the Bike to Fit You (Including Guidance on Suspension Set-Up) 

  • Attack Position, Proper Jumping Position, Preloading & Scrubbing  & Rider Weight Distribution

  • Smooth Throttle Control While Accelerating & Power Shifting

  • Proper Braking & Transitioning from Braking to Accelerating 

  • How to Look For Lines & Selecting the Right Ones

  • Approaching the Apex of a Corner, Transitioning & Carrying Momentum 

  • How to Handle Kickers, Ruts, Casing, Rockers & Over Jumping

  • Gate Selection & Grooming, Mental Preparation, How to Launch Your Biket, First Laps of Racing

  • Thinking & Looking Ahead

  • How to Learn from your Riding, Picturing your Success, Modeling a Champion

  • Designing a Resume or Personal Site or Finding the Right Sponsors

  • Training Regimine & Dietary Options for Optimal Performance

Payment and registration must be completed PRIOR to the Participants arrival. We accept EFT or payment by Paypal. Please bring the rider's healthcare information for our records and emergency contact information. If rider is under 18 years of age, please be aware that a parent signature is REQUIRED for all forms. These forms/waivers will be signed on the day of the event prior to starting the lessons.


We recommend that riders arrive at least 30 minutes prior  to the lesson's start time to complete your registration, set up your pit area, get dressed, etc.. If any maintenance is needed on the riders bike while attending camp, our instructors will be happy to assist as best as possible and as time allows. Unless you’re bringing your trailer, it is recommended (but not necessary) to bring your own tools as we have some tools on site.

We kindly ask our riders bringing in any outside food or drinks to our schools please respect the track area and clean up before leaving. 

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