Leaving his inaugural debut at XGames with a bronze medal in 2017 , Matechuk embarked on several feature film deals including the epic Trax Action movie (see trailer below), as well as Braaap, and Slednecks and many more!

Following the win in Aspen 2018, Matechuk's film schedule blew up with dates booked solid and filming as far away as Osaka, Japan! In 2019 his adrenaline soaked adventures continued in the mountain peaks of Chili. From early 2020, global travels were stiffled by travel restrictiona but we will be back bigger and badder in 2022 starting with Matechuk's 5th appearance at the

Aspen Winter XGames where he will defend 

his Gold medal title.


Since 2016, we have been fortunate to compile a select group of Sponsors that wanted to be part of something new and exciting. On the national stage, our voice was heard and we stole the spotlight.


Three back to back gold medal performances at 2018, 2019 and then 2020 Winter XGames, lead us to capture new audiences and loyal fans, and our Sponsors shared in the success.


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 C o d y    M a t e c h u k



Ultimately, we recognize that sponsorship is about selling YOUR products or services. And we know that company's sponsoring athletes use this sponsorship as a form of marketing to sell its goods. The riders you choose to support will be someone who represents your desired image and who can help your company sell more of its products. That's where we start.

Some of our most influential and visible ways to stand out in the crowd

come from our social media work. Coupled with our own blog featuring Press releases written by YOUR racer, Cody Matechuk. Our followers  get all the behind-the-scene updates and breaking news from testing and race events as they unfold... 


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